Coffee Ascorbate Research Weekend

Join the Handmade Film Institute for an intensive weekend research project!  This, the first in an ongoing series of research weekends, will focus on creating a coffee-ascorbate developer recipe that is high contrast and replenishable, such that large volumes of film can be processed with consistent results.  This is particularly useful for reversal and print development.  The goal is to develop a non-toxic practical workhorse of a developer, with which one could confidently  replace standard developers like D-19 or D-97.

The Coffee Ascorbate Research Weekend takes place at our base camp in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside  Boulder, CO.   Dinner is included on Saturday evening, and serve your own food is provided for other meals.  We start at 10 am Saturday, and go until 5pm Sunday.  There is nominal charge of $20 for food, and camping is free.  Please register by contacting us via our Contact page!